Roaster's Choice Subscriptions


At roastorium, we carefully select from a wide range of beautiful coffees grown around the world.  Allow us to curate your mornings, and we promise you an interesting and varied trip across our wonderful planet.  Let us hand-pick coffee and ship it as often as you would like.  You'll drink delicious coffee every day - just sit back and enjoy the journey!

Subscriptions are roasted and shipped on Monday in accordance with our shipping info.  After you subscribe, you'll receive a link to manage, pause, cancel, or upgrade your subscription at any time.   Or you can just email us!


The Adventurer


Up for anything? Open to adventure?  We're not afraid to send you any coffee - from our lightest floral Ethiopian to our darkest brooding Sumatran.  If you want to see what the world can offer, this is the subscription for you.

We will ship you one or two twelve ounce bags every two weeks or every month.


Dark & Serious


Let our roaster pick from the dark side!  These coffees will start at a medium roast level and showcase chocolate and nutty tones, without any of the ashy or burnt flavors of your (ex) favorite chain.  

One or two twelve ounce bags shipped to your door on the interval of your choosing.


Light & Fruity


Our roaster will choose light to medium coffees that have exceptional sweetness and a fruit forward profile.  Yes fruit.  Where did you think coffee came from? 

One or two twelve ounce bags shipped to your door as often as you would like.