Mixteca Alta

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Mixteca Alta


from:  Oaxaca, Mexico

roast level: City+

processing: Wet Process

notes of: cinnamon, caramel, chocolate

12 ounce bag of whole bean coffee

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The Mexican state of Oaxaca is home to two large indigenous groups – the Mixtec (pronounced Mishtec) and the Zapotec.  Due to the remote terrain and small towns, these groups have retained their own culture and language.  La Mixteca - the land of the Mixtec people - is a wonderful region for growing coffee, and the people have formed a local cooperative to do so.

Mixteca Alta del Pacifico is a fair trade and organic certified cooperative that has been producing coffee since 1990.  We are really excited to have this coffee because it fills a niche in our lineup.  We roast Mixteca Alta fairly lightly (city+), but there is no fruit flavor here. Instead, the coffee contains wonderful chocolate notes, with really nice sweetness and lots of complexity.  It's a mild, smooth, and complex coffee, but it's definitely a coffee for folks who want to know they're drinking coffee.