We love our farmers' markets

The seed of roastorium was planted through Corpus Christi area Farmers' Markets in 2013.  While we officially opened our brick-and-mortar roastery in September of 2016, we operated as a cottage food business for many years at the markets.  We love growing fruit (look at our facebook photos!) and we love our local farmer's markets.  We intend to continue to support them (and you) into the future.  

We want to be at every market

But we can't make it all the time.  While we used to post attendance on our Facebook page, we've had a lot of folks request to simply receive an email notifying them of our market attendance.  Accordingly, you may sign up here to be notified of our attendance for the specific market you are interested in.  You may elect to receive an email only when we will miss the market, or you can get one every week.  We will keep these emails short and to the point.  

If you would like, we can also email you - no more than once a month - to notify you of sales, classes, or new stores or restaurants that carry our coffee.  Maybe you can find a great place to pick up our coffee right around the corner! 

We'll notify you if we miss a market

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